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All the pictures are shot by me during lovely trips in Egypt. Pictures are NOT  PHOTOSHOPPED.

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1. This is not the surface of the moon! It’s the white desert near Bahareya Oasis at night. It is the oldest desert on earth that dates 80 million years back!! yes 80 million years. It is all covered by a white layer formed of fossils from an ancient ocean loooooooong time ago. The white surface reflects the light coming from the stars or the moon… MAGICAL!.


 2. Again this is not Florence, this is not done by Da Vinci ! It’s the ceiling of el Sultan Qalawoon mosque in Old Cairo. The dome was built during the Islamic period of Andalusia. Architects combined the western Churches design with the Islamic one. Marvelous!.


3. The milky way in Wadi El Hitan – Fayoum; Where astrology meets relaxation, this camp is near one of the most important archeological sites in the worlda site that has the bones and fossils of the oldest of dinosaurs. it is located in Wadi el Hitan Desert; a famous desert that has an amazing camping spirit. Choose the time correctly to combine the desert with one of the most stunning scenes an eye can behold – the milky way.


 4. El Azhar Mousque, one of the most beautiful Mosques, it has been redesigned in many islamic eras.


5.Karon Lake – Fayoum, a natural lake in the middle of the desert, only few know the reason behind its ability to withstand time and evaporation in the middle of the desert. Captured from a view point  high above.


6.El hakim b amr elah mosque. It used to be an imperial mosque when it was made for the sultan to pray as the imam on fridays. Moez street – Old Cairo


7.Bahareya Oasis – houses are made from mud that isolates heat and cold


8.Light pouring through the windows of Sultan Qalawoon mosque.


9.Bahara lake – Hurghada. Seagulls take it as a resting place after a long day, they can be seen there in the early mornings and in the afternoons.


 10.The black desert – the second oldest place in the world that dates 40 million years back. It used to be similar to the white Desert before the Volcanoes erupted and covered the whole area with black carbon. Located near Bahareya Oasis – el Wadi el Gadeed.


11. Another shot in the white desert where the moon was rising, you can see the shadows of the stones as if the sun is up but with dark skies and bright stars.


12. The Nile , Enough Said.

MHS_2230 (1)

13. Ras Shitan – Sinai. One of the most relaxing spots on the planet, a place that combines sand, sea, rocks, desert, mountains and hospitality  with a luxurious camping spirit.


14. The lovely Zamalek – Cairo.

MHS_2179 (1)

 15, Cairo <3 


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